Sealing swell bands and other products from Forbuild

Sealing systemPosted by Admin


Apart from swell bands and traditional sheet steel, the company has prepared special mats and injection sealing system. Forbuild is an expert when it comes to proven and innovative solutions for the construction sector. They ensure efficient work and quality results on every construction site. See their full offer.
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TV stands from MEX online store

High gloss tv unitPosted by Admin


If you are looking for reasonably priced, high quality furniture for your home, visit the website prepared by MEX company. The online store offers, for instance, high gloss TV unit manufactured from laminated chipboard and MDF. The moder cabinets are available in a variety of elegant colours and are combined with other materials as well.
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Magnusson - Russian legal assistance

Law firm RussiaPosted by Admin


Companies from the Baltic Sea Region can count on assistance and active help of Magnusson legal experts. This also includes entrepreneurs from Russia. The law firm has office in Moscow and provides day-to-day advice as well as coordinates much larger projects concerning domestic and international legal regulations.
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Switchgear manufacturers - find out more about ZPUE

Medium voltage switchgearPosted by Admin


Air or gas insulated, enclosed in metal, aluminium casing and available in several options. ZPUE has a medium voltage switchgear for virtually any conditions. From small stations and indoor electrical systems to much larger equipment, configured for the most demanding industrial facilities. Check the details of MV equipment.
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Top-Medics Poland - limit your stomach's capacity abroad

Gastric band abroadPosted by Admin


Modern medicine offers innovative, safe and very effective solutions, which help people struggling with obesity to effectively loose weight. At Top-Medics Poland we place a device on your stomach, which limits it capacity and increase your feeling of fullness. Get a gastric band abroad - at minimum costs and the highest quality.
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Barbara Luijckx - Belgian chocolate rolls, cups and more

Chocolate decorations manufacturerPosted by Admin


An ideas is just a first step in a long road to create a real confectionery masterpiece. Barbara Luijckx provides all professionals with chocolate decorations adjusted to their needs. The website presents the offer, including rolls, cigarellos, cups, cones, mignons, truffle shells as well as shavings and curls.
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Tights, pantyhose and more

wholesale tightsPosted by Admin


New collections each season designed by creative, experienced and appreciated minds of the hosiery industry. Fiore offers wholesale tights, as well as pantyhose, stockings and other products of similar type. They are available in an amazingly wide range of products for the needs of every woman. It can be worn everyday, for special occasions - whenever you need them. Current collections include Elite, Obsession, Golden Line, Classic along with Medica and other designs. Check the catalog and start a cooperation today!
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Liturgical vestment available online

Clergy clothingPosted by Admin


Complete selection of clergy clothing, like albs, chasubles, surplices, stoles, mitres and other products used during liturgy in churches around the world. The online store offers a variety of vestments of Catholic priests. They are available in different styles (including Gothic and Roman) and colors, symbolizing different periods in the liturgical year.
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CAMSAT - devices for wireless CCTV systems

Wireless security systemPosted by Admin


An increasing number of people decide to invest in WiFi solutions in their companies, especially in the area of wireless security systems. CAMSAT is a manufacturer of modern, innovative devices (transmitters, receivers and a variety of accessories), which ensure the highest quality picture in even the most difficult environment.
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M28 aircraft with efficient engines

Twin turboprop aircraftPosted by Admin


Upgraded over the years, the airplane has become one of the most versatile machines currently manufactured. The twin turboprop aircraft can be quickly and easily transformed form passenger to VIP to medical, parachuting and several others. It is also design for FIKI conditions and STOL - short takeoff and landing.
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Long dress for every occasion

Ruffled dresses onlinePosted by Admin


Original style and bold designs are characteristic of our every collections. For those of you who search for ruffled dresses online, our website is the place to start. Unique designs, inspired by nature but but also boldly searching new ways to express modern women, give you the freedom of choice you need.
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Child psychiatrist

ADHD specialist LondonPosted by Admin


Located in Fitzrovia, London, the psychiatrist is an ADHD specialist, trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). Thanks to expertise in the assessment and management of child and adolescent mental health, the doctor is also skilled in helping young people with post-traumatic stress disorder, OCD, phobias, school-based problems and more.
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The efficient metal parts removal

Magnetic filterPosted by Admin


The efficient and precise metal parts removal is particularly important in the food production industry. Our magnetic filter type FM separates and eliminates iron impurities from liquids and semi-liquids like jams, oils or mousses. The device will protect customers from any health damage that might result from consuming metal contaminants.
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Death camp in Oswiecim

Auschwitz tourPosted by Admin


When you visit Poland, you can see the monument of its tragic history. The largest death camp in the world, built by Germans in 1940 during the World War II. Auschwitz tour shows how terrifying was that act of terror. You can visit both parts of the camp with guide speaking English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.
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Liturgical accessories

Chalice and patenPosted by Admin


We offer you liturgical accessories for the mass. In our shop you can find products like richly adorned chalice and paten. Some of the vessels are beautifully decorated with Eucharistic symbols and the Last Supper scene. The main material from which the products are made is brass or gold plated brass.
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Elements for fluid regulation

Bottom valvesPosted by Admin


Our elements are designed to regulate industrial water and other fluids, which otherwise might cause serious damage to pipelines in different industries. Our bottom valves help maintaining the right flow of fluids, which might prevent a leakage. The regulating industrial element has got a high resistance to corrosion and challenging temperatures.
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Moisture content analysis and dry mass measurement

Moisture analyzersPosted by Admin


Advanced, professional weighing and analytical equipment for research and development facilities, laboratories, universities and other scientific facilities. Radwag offers moisture analyzers characterized by comfortable use, reliability and other options. Check two product lines and pick the exact lab equipment you need.
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LED lamps and more

Lighting manufacturerPosted by Admin


We provide outdoor and indoor lamps, which remain presentable and energy-efficient at all times. As an experienced lighting manufacturer we know how to combine elegant designs with modern technology. Our LED products are a perfect choice for parks, gardens, houses and other spaces - public and private.
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Enhance the energy efficiency in the building

Heat recovery ventilatorPosted by Admin


We offer an innovative solution, which will help enhance the energy efficiency in your house. Heat recovery ventilator allows residents to save energy and provide the building with a proper air circulation. Thanks to that residents can save money spent on utilities and and enjoy a healthy indoor microclimate.
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Learn more about our drinking culture

polish vodka tourPosted by Admin


Would you like to try our traditional alcohols, eat delicious food and spend a lovely evening with the locals? You can experience all of that thanks to our Polish vodka tour, during which you will taste 6 different types of this famous alcohol. You can book this experience in one of three beautiful Polish cities - Warsaw, Gdansk and Krakow.
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Materials for Passive houses

construction productsPosted by Admin


We offer materials and accessories which help creating an eco-friendly, low-energy house. Our construction products, insulations and sealing systems provide a high level of wind tightness and airtightness. Thanks to that the indoor microclimate will be healthier, and heating costs will be considerably reduced.
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Accesories for better airtightness

Insulation productsPosted by Admin


We offer tapes, sealants, membranes and contruction elements designed to provide your house with a high level of wind tightness, air tightness and vapour control. These insulation products will help you reduce the heating costs and the energy loss, as well as create a healthy indoor climate. We provide innovative sealing systems for both private houses and offices.
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Protect your skin from synthetic ingredients!

Natural cosmetics storePosted by Admin


Do you know that artificial fragrances in soups and shampoos may cause skin irritation and weaken your hair? Don’t put your body at risk – choose products from a natural cosmetics store! If your skin is dry, try great pumpkin body butter. If you are losing hair – use straightening hair roots shampoo with agafia.
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Mining craft!

Simple MiningPosted by Admin


Start your adventure with simple mining and earn you bitcoins! Download, register and boot the system - that's all it takes to enter the game. SMOS is a Linux based system, which thanks to its popularity and Facebook, has already been tested by many. It will give you an easy access to all the tutorials on how to manage your rigs with SMOS.
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