Death camp in Oswiecim

Auschwitz tourPosted by Admin


When you visit Poland, you can see the monument of its tragic history. The largest death camp in the world, built by Germans in 1940 during the World War II. Auschwitz tour shows how terrifying was that act of terror. You can visit both parts of the camp with guide speaking English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.
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Elements for fluid regulation

Bottom valvesPosted by Admin


Our elements are designed to regulate industrial water and other fluids, which otherwise might cause serious damage to pipelines in different industries. Our bottom valves help maintaining the right flow of fluids, which might prevent a leakage. The regulating industrial element has got a high resistance to corrosion and challenging temperatures.
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Law firm Poland

Law firm PolandPosted by Admin


Reliability along with responsible approach towards every corporate customer, has allowed the law firm to get respect from numerous customers from Poland and other countries from the BSR (Baltic Sea Region) area. Penteris offers comprehensive legal services, provided by knowledgeable team of professionals. The cooperation can be based on one-time help, as well as on longer period of time and constant legal advice. Contact the company experts in the Warsaw office as well as other locations in Europe.
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Powertrain components

Gears machining servicesPosted by Admin


Our company is a global leader in the realm of powertrain solutions. We provide world-class gears machining services. We use our experience and cutting-edge tools to manufacture customized transmission components. We provide shafts, axles and other driveline parts. Our products are widely used in railway, machine and defense industries among others.
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Upholstery for cars

Car upholsteryPosted by Admin


Express yourself in every detail with a little help from one of the leading companies on the market, which specializes in designing and creating leather car upholstery. Carlex Design will completely transform the interior through creative ideas and amazing precision in every stitch and even the tiniest element.
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Clergy clothing

VestmentsPosted by Admin


We specialise in Eucharistic garments for those who serve in the Church. Visit our website to browse through the extensive collection of liturgical clothes. If you are looking for high-quality vestments, made with carefully selected materials and with attention to detail - you have come to the right place, come and shop!
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The lighting store

Led profilePosted by Admin


If you're looking for a modern solution that not only adds a whole new charm to your room, but is also energy efficient and virtually invisible, we have something for you. Led profile is available in our store in two lengths: 1 and 2 meters. They come in four colors: white, black, silver, raw aluminum.
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Medical research

Clinical trials PolandPosted by Admin


Our center is engaged in conducting surveys. They are conducted in accordance with all legal standards and international regulations. Clinical trials Poland concern such fields as cardiac surgery, cardiology and vascular surgery. The process is carried out with the use of appropriate equipment and with the participation of doctors.
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Cosmetology clinic

CosmetologistPosted by Admin


If you want to feel confident in your own body and take care of your skin, then you should visit our beauty salon - an appointment with a cosmetologist can help you transform your skin. No matter whether you’re struggling with acne, want to have youthful and beautiful skin or simply are in need of a massage – contact us.
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Development company

salesforce outsourcingPosted by Admin


Running a business is one thing, managing it is another. As the boss, you don't have to take care of all the smallest processes that go on in your business. Together with our salesforce outsourccing, you can be sure that every detail is taken care of and all problems are solved in the best possible way.
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For manual nad machine polishing

Sharpening stonesPosted by Admin


Discover the power of precision surface preparation with the tools offered by our company! Exceptional durability and efficiency are guaranteed by our sharpening stones, which are manufactured from the highest quality materials. The accuracy and speed of our products will take your carpentry, locksmith, or construction work to a whole new level.
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