Sealing swell bands and other products from Forbuild

Sealing systemPosted by Admin


Apart from swell bands and traditional sheet steel, the company has prepared special mats and injection sealing system. Forbuild is an expert when it comes to proven and innovative solutions for the construction sector. They ensure efficient work and quality results on every construction site. See their full offer.
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Top-Medics Poland - limit your stomach's capacity abroad

Gastric band abroadPosted by Admin


Modern medicine offers innovative, safe and very effective solutions, which help people struggling with obesity to effectively loose weight. At Top-Medics Poland we place a device on your stomach, which limits it capacity and increase your feeling of fullness. Get a gastric band abroad - at minimum costs and the highest quality.
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Liturgical vestment available online

Clergy clothingPosted by Admin


Complete selection of clergy clothing, like albs, chasubles, surplices, stoles, mitres and other products used during liturgy in churches around the world. The online store offers a variety of vestments of Catholic priests. They are available in different styles (including Gothic and Roman) and colors, symbolizing different periods in the liturgical year.
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CAMSAT - devices for wireless CCTV systems

Wireless security systemPosted by Admin


An increasing number of people decide to invest in WiFi solutions in their companies, especially in the area of wireless security systems. CAMSAT is a manufacturer of modern, innovative devices (transmitters, receivers and a variety of accessories), which ensure the highest quality picture in even the most difficult environment.
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Long dress for every occasion

Ruffled dresses onlinePosted by Admin


Original style and bold designs are characteristic of our every collections. For those of you who search for ruffled dresses online, our website is the place to start. Unique designs, inspired by nature but but also boldly searching new ways to express modern women, give you the freedom of choice you need.
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Death camp in Oswiecim

Auschwitz tourPosted by Admin


When you visit Poland, you can see the monument of its tragic history. The largest death camp in the world, built by Germans in 1940 during the World War II. Auschwitz tour shows how terrifying was that act of terror. You can visit both parts of the camp with guide speaking English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.
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Elements for fluid regulation

Bottom valvesPosted by Admin


Our elements are designed to regulate industrial water and other fluids, which otherwise might cause serious damage to pipelines in different industries. Our bottom valves help maintaining the right flow of fluids, which might prevent a leakage. The regulating industrial element has got a high resistance to corrosion and challenging temperatures.
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Enhance the energy efficiency in the building

Heat recovery ventilatorPosted by Admin


We offer an innovative solution, which will help enhance the energy efficiency in your house. Heat recovery ventilator allows residents to save energy and provide the building with a proper air circulation. Thanks to that residents can save money spent on utilities and and enjoy a healthy indoor microclimate.
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Law firm PolandPosted by Admin


Reliability along with responsible approach towards every corporate customer, has allowed the law firm to get respect from numerous customers from Poland and other countries from the BSR (Baltic Sea Region) area. Penteris offers comprehensive legal services, provided by knowledgeable team of professionals. The cooperation can be based on one-time help, as well as on longer period of time and constant legal advice. Contact the company experts in the Warsaw office as well as other locations in Europe.
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Powertrain components

Gears machining servicesPosted by Admin


Our company is a global leader in the realm of powertrain solutions. We provide world-class gears machining services. We use our experience and cutting-edge tools to manufacture customized transmission components. We provide shafts, axles and other driveline parts. Our products are widely used in railway, machine and defense industries among others.
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Fachgerechte Dienstleistungen

Montage von industriellen RohrleitungenPosted by Admin


Wir beschäftigen uns nicht nur mit der Herstellung von hochwertigen Lager- und Prozessbehältern, Galvanisiertrommeln sowie Sicherheitswannen, sondern auch erbringen fachgerechte Dienstleistungen für unsere Kunden. Diese umfassen beispielsweise Montage von industriellen Rohrleitungen sowie Transport von Fertigprodukten.
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Upholstery for cars

Car upholsteryPosted by Admin


Express yourself in every detail with a little help from one of the leading companies on the market, which specializes in designing and creating leather car upholstery. Carlex Design will completely transform the interior through creative ideas and amazing precision in every stitch and even the tiniest element.
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Usługi przewozu poczty

Paczki Polska IrlandiaPosted by Admin


Ukochana osoba wyemigrowała zagranicę, ale chcecie podtrzymać stały kontakt? Kurier Irlandia - Polska umożliwia przesyłanie paczek w szybkim tempie. Umożliwiamy trwałe zabezpieczenia przesyłanego towaru. Zabieramy pakunek spod Państwa adresu i dostarczamy do rąk własnych odbiorcy (metoda drzwi-w-drzwi).
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Funeral servicesPosted by Admin


While choosing funeral services it is important to hire a company which approaches all of the clients comprehensively. That is why our home not only arranges a ceremony with burial or cremation but also takes care of all of the additional issues, such as booking the appropriate chapel or hiring a person who will be the celebrant of a humanist ceremony. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about floral tributes or transporting the attendees without cars to the cemetery.
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Penetrating dampPosted by Admin


Unusually moist air, puddles and spots of black mould forming spontaneously in your house are a sure sign that water seeped through the walls of your property – even weeks before – and eventually developed into penetrating damp. Once you contact us, our surveyor will arrive on site to assess the situation and establish what methods should be used – these may include water repellents or dedicated cavity trays. Afterwards we will tell you what to do in order to prevent similar situations from happening.
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Contemporary stairs

Premade stairsPosted by Admin


Quality, solidity and first of all originality are the main advantages of contemporary, premade stairs. They are designed according to the most original trends and projects in architecture, and yet modern staircases are selected for virtually every interior, including traditional one. Check the available solutions!
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Resistant pipes

PEX pipe accessoriesPosted by Admin


Different elements of installations often need to penetrate the walls or ceilings. To make sure that they don't receive any damage over a long period we use PEX pipe accessories that facilitate the network design process. These products protect all of the weaker elements while providing the designer with a wide range of possibilities.
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Marble kitchen

Marble worktopsPosted by Admin


Praised for their unmistakable aesthetic and exceptional durability, our marble worktops are best suited for frequently used kitchens. They are able to withstand a more substantial beating than your average wooden counter and maintain low temperature exceptionally well, making them an ideal choice for adepts of pastry making and baking. So, if you want to prepare delicious meals and desserts with style, and without having to worry about the state of your counter, be sure to check our products.
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Alternative medicine

Alternative therapyPosted by Admin


Apart from acupuncture, we also provide alternative therapy which includes ‘Hot Stone’ and ‘Chinese Cupping’. Additionally, we can arrange Hopi Ear Candling and reflexology sessions. For those in need, we offer a wide range of massages, such as a deep tissue massage, a restorative massage of feet and hands, as well as a head, neck and shoulder one. Our team also performs sinus and lymphatic drainage which you can book via telephone.
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Ed Kowalski Removals LTD

Man and van servicesPosted by Admin


Make the right choice and select the most reliable experts, offering packing, transportation, optional storage and unpacking services. The company is one of the best removal companies in Exeter, offering affordable man and van services. They cooperate with private customers, as well as help in moving or clearing offices - even the biggest ones. The range of help they provide allow you to relax and trust them with every detail of complicated moving process. Check the website for more details and contact them to receive quotation!
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Traditional pottery

Polish ceramics online shopPosted by Admin


On our website you can find many different pieces of traditional pottery. The place we sell our Polish ceramics - the online shop offers many different pots, bowls, jars and dishes in various sizes and patterns. The available products are perfect for anyone interested in Central European culture and design.
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Moving help

Man with a van Cardiff companyPosted by Admin


We offer our services to all those who are faced with the decision to change their place of residence or to relocate their office. You don't have to do everything by yourself - you can always use Man with a van services in Cardiff. Our company supports customers at every stage of their removal project.
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Printing house necessities

gluing machinesPosted by Admin


When it comes to printing houses, all of them need specific devices which will make the work not only easier but also very professional. One of the most necessary things are gluing machines which will easily stick together sheets of paper. They can be used for, for example, creating books or leaflets.
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