Baby Accessories - prams and other products

Pram sets UKPosted by Admin


Parents require a vast number of products to confidently take care of their child. Baby Accessories UK is an online shop where they can find pram sets - namely all of the items you need during shorter and longer stroll with your kid! Check their, e.g. footmuffs, changing bags and several other products!
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Production of bags from polythene - FROGUT

Manufacturer of plastic bagsPosted by Admin


Visit the website of experienced, reliable company producing thermobags, ecological ones, shopping soft loop or T-shirt options and several others. FROGUT is one of the best manufacturers of plastic bags currently on the market. Thus you can be sure of the quality and environmental friendliness of each polythene product in their offer.
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Synthetics sport surface producer - Novol

Synthetic floorPosted by Admin


For stadiums and sport arenas, schools but also shops, warehouses, laboratories and a number of other facilities. Novol has a synthetic floor for every requirement. The surface system producer used the most advanced, artificial materials to create the safest, the most durable and aesthetic solutions.
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Don Prestige Hotel

hotel PoznanPosted by Admin


Visit one of the most exclusively, comfortably located places in the city. Don Prestige Residence is a hotel in Poznan were you can find 73 rooms, stylishly and practically furnished - all to make your stay the most pleasant. The building is located in the city center, providing you with simple and fast access to the most important business centers as well as top tourist attractions and leisure spots.
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Sealing swell bands and other products from Forbuild

Sealing systemPosted by Admin


Apart from swell bands and traditional sheet steel, the company has prepared special mats and injection sealing system. Forbuild is an expert when it comes to proven and innovative solutions for the construction sector. They ensure efficient work and quality results on every construction site. See their full offer.
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TV stands from MEX online store

High gloss tv unitPosted by Admin


If you are looking for reasonably priced, high quality furniture for your home, visit the website prepared by MEX company. The online store offers, for instance, high gloss TV unit manufactured from laminated chipboard and MDF. The moder cabinets are available in a variety of elegant colours and are combined with other materials as well.
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Progress Eco - Sieve bend

Sieve bendPosted by Admin


Progress Eco S.A. is a company offering only the best, proven solutions. Wedge wire sieve bend can be characterized by its fantastic parameters, such as low vibration level, minimized noise or easy service. Progress Eco S.A. invites you to the corporate website where you will find more information on wedge wire sieve bend.
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Eurojumper's trampolines - see more

Bungee trampolinePosted by Admin


One of the market leaders offers you a choice of quality, reliable, safe bungee trampoline versions at attractive price. Eurojumper has developed a solutions which will allow you and your clients jump high in the air and enjoy this amazing feeling of freedom and pure joy! Naturally, the company also prepared a vast choice of required accessories, such as harness and elastics needed to ensure the safety and comfort of every child and adult. Apart from commercial solutions, there is also a eurobungy for home use.
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Sheet piles wall systems from Pietrucha

Retaining wallPosted by Admin


To secure the slopes with great difference in elevation, a retaining wall is usually installed. Modern construction companies employ advanced solutions in this respect, including using vinyl sheet piles to reinforce such structures. Plastic is extremely durable, does not corrode and is very simple to install, to name the most important advantages of the solution.
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Solid and modern tow bar for your vehicle

TowbarsPosted by Admin


Many car owners look for parts which are at the same time reliable and available at low prices. Steinhof company provides an answer for these needs. The offer consists of towbars with manually screwed ball or completely automatic solutions, securing greatest comfort of its use. Visit the website to choose a product for your car.
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The best car interior design

Carlex car DesignPosted by Admin


Luxurious car need every element to be perfect. However, even the best manufacturers have quite often limited possibilities when it comes to creating upholsteries. Carlex Design is an experienced company, which will make your vehicle even more beautiful, exclusive and amazing. Visit the website and contact us!
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Magnusson - Russian legal assistance

Law firm RussiaPosted by Admin


Companies from the Baltic Sea Region can count on assistance and active help of Magnusson legal experts. This also includes entrepreneurs from Russia. The law firm has office in Moscow and provides day-to-day advice as well as coordinates much larger projects concerning domestic and international legal regulations.
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Pietrucha - soil reinforcement products

Soil stabilizer solutionsPosted by Admin


Building roads or railways require using products which would reinforce the supporting ground. Pietrucha offers an innovative solution based on geosynthetics. POLGRID is a range of soil stabilizer solutions, which are characterized by high effectiveness at low weight and great resistance to damage. Check for yourself!
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Tips for Z-Vibe accessories - PJ Therapeutic

Z vibe oral motorPosted by Admin


One of the most appreciated, safe and effective at the same time, tools for tackling speech disorders is Z-Vibe oral motor tool. PJ Therapeutic has prepared a special category, including virtually all of the tips for the oral motor, speech tool. You can purchase one by one or the whole kit, saving your time and money.
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Professional photographer - Alexandra J

Wedding photography HamiltonPosted by Admin


Do you want to capture the best moments of your newly started life? Contact Alexandra J, a wedding photography working in Hamilton. She uses state of the art cameras and other equipment to perfectly capture the emotions, feelings and atmosphere of the moment. Check her portfolio to see how amazing the pictures can be.
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CCTV from Camsat

Wireless CCTV systemsPosted by Admin


Simple, yet highly effective monitoring systems are currently based on wi-fi technology. Camsat has prepared in its offer wireless CCTV systems, which can be installed and used in offices, industrial environment as well as private properties. The hardware is easy to install and the quality and reliability of cameras, antennas and other elements are one of the highest!
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Switchgear manufacturers - find out more about ZPUE

Medium voltage switchgearPosted by Admin


Air or gas insulated, enclosed in metal, aluminium casing and available in several options. ZPUE has a medium voltage switchgear for virtually any conditions. From small stations and indoor electrical systems to much larger equipment, configured for the most demanding industrial facilities. Check the details of MV equipment.
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Scales and analyzers from Radwag

Moisture analyzersPosted by Admin


Advanced, professional weighing and analytical equipment for research and development facilities, laboratories, universities and other scientific facilities. Radwag offers moisture analyzers characterized by comfortable use, reliability and other options. Check two product lines and pick the exact lab equipment you need.
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Desks for modern companies - MDD

Reception deskPosted by Admin


Simple, contemporary models or other projects of similar nature will let your office stand out from competitors. In the offer of MDD you can find a reception desk which will perfectly greet your business partners and guests. At the same time they are highly practical, durable and available in several versions to choose from.
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Top-Medics Poland - limit your stomach's capacity abroad

Gastric band abroadPosted by Admin


Modern medicine offers innovative, safe and very effective solutions, which help people struggling with obesity to effectively loose weight. At Top-Medics Poland we place a device on your stomach, which limits it capacity and increase your feeling of fullness. Get a gastric band abroad - at minimum costs and the highest quality.
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Dentists from Poland - Dentim Europe

Dental treatment abroadPosted by Admin


Professional dentists, using modern equipment and solutions do not have to be extremely expensive. Thanks to the offer of Dentim Europe, a dental clinic from Poland, everyone has a chance to get a beautiful smile at reasonable price. Get the best care available, regain your self-confidence and trust leading specialists in their fields.
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Wardrobes from Dako - pick yours!

Sliding door wardrobePosted by Admin


Wooden finish, with additional mirror or other decorative elements, the pieces of furniture have found their place in the apartments and hearts of UK buyers. Dako online shop has prepared a number of sliding door wardrobe versions to meet diverse requirements of the store’s customers. Pick the one you enjoy the most!
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Fencing jacketPosted by Admin


If you are looking for fencing jacket that fully meets the requirements of Historical European Martial Arts Coalition (HEMAC) - cordially invite you to the official website of our company - We guarantee you the best quality equipment for fencing in a variety of different configurations and prices! Enjoy!
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Barbara Luijckx - chocolate decorations for desserts

Chocolate shavings manufacturerPosted by Admin


Perfect taste and original aesthetics are what confectionery masters are looking for. Visit Barbara Luijckx website to find a full range of chocolate curls for special events: mother’s day, birthdays, anniversaries or any other. The white, milk and dark decorations are perfect for desserts, cakes, ice cream and other ideas!
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Barbara Luijckx - Belgian chocolate rolls, cups and more

Chocolate decorationsPosted by Admin


An ideas is just a first step in a long road to create a real confectionery masterpiece. Barbara Luijckx provides all professionals with chocolate decorations adjusted to their needs. The website presents the offer, including rolls, cigarellos, cups, cones, mignons, truffle shells as well as shavings and curls.
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Reman-Tec's new and repaired turbos

Reconditioned turboPosted by Admin


There is a number of reason for your turbocharger to break down. Intensive use, mechanical damage may force you to replace it with a brand new or reconditioned turbo. Reman-Tec is a group of automotive experts who specialise in repairs of the elements for cars, trucks and other vehicles. They use the best quality spare parts to ensure each part is of the expected reliability.
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